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E-commerce Problems?

I blog about them

E-commerce is hard.

But this blog can help you.


Learn About Finance

Inventory-based businesses are notorious for being difficult when it comes to accounting and financial decision making.  I’m kind of a numbers geek and enjoy breaking things down for you and finding best practices.


All About Data

The amount of data to process in the-ecommerce world is endless.  This is my wheelhouse.  I like looking at what data is available and how to use it to make effective decisions that will grow the business.


Automate Operations

I hate in inefficiency. Especially when it comes to operations.  Processes are super important.  I love automating that side of the businesses so I can focus on the things I really want to do like writing this blog 😉

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About Me

Kalvin Mizzi

Online Seller, Finance Geek, Developer

Kalvin Mizzi has over 20 years experience in the E-commerce industry.  He holds an Economics degree from University of Toronto, where he graduated with Honors, and is a self-taught programmer and entrepreneur.

Kalvin started his career in the real estate development industry, raising equity/debt, financial modeling, and sales/brokerage.

He is passionate about systems and helping other E-commerce sellers.