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True Profit vs. Gross Profit: Calculating Profitability

True Profit vs. Gross Profit: Calculating Profitability

As an E-commerce seller, deciding which products to sell is vital.

Often, there are hidden costs relating to a product that don’t factor into our calculations. This leads to potentially bad decisions for choosing where to allocate limited investment capital, or worse, can lead to products we think are profitable that are actually losing money!

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About Me

Kalvin Mizzi

Online Seller, Finance Geek, Developer

Kalvin Mizzi has over 20 years’ experience in the E-commerce industry.  He holds an Economics degree from University of Toronto, where he graduated with Honors, and is a self-taught programmer and entrepreneur.

Kalvin started his career in the real estate development industry, raising equity/debt, financial modeling, and sales/brokerage.

He is passionate about systems and helping other E-commerce sellers.